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Parent Support

for parents of neurodiverse children

Post-Diagnosis Support Package

Was your child recently diagnosed?

Are you looking for a provider that can answer questions that have come up as your child has gotten older?


The post-diagnosis support package includes 2 one hour sessions. During that time, we can talk through questions and topics like misconceptions about autism and interventions.

​The sessions will be driven by your needs post-diagnosis.

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The Basecamp package includes 6 one hour sessions. Sessions use principles from Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) to help reduce your stress and give you strategies you can use long-term. 

​●      Focusing on the here-and-now (i.e., mindfulness)
●      What to do with difficult thoughts and feelings as a parent
●      Identifying personal and family values
●      Connecting action plans to those values
●      Developing skills for self-care

Basecamp Package

Are you feeling stuck? Or maybe you feel confused, scared, alone, or stressed. 


With each developmental stage your child reaches, your questions or concerns

may also change.

Some reasons parents reach out for support

Support after a diagnosis

Parent stress

Challenges with treatment

Feeling lost or confused

Waiting for ABA services

Help with next steps