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Informational Sessions

Informational Sessions

I offer informational (also called "101") sessions about a range of topics. These sessions are educational. We'll meet 1 to 2 times to cover the information.

Knowledge is power!


Information about

Your Child's Diagnosis


Finding a Good

ABA Provider

Telling a Child

Their Diagnosis

Telling Relatives

a Diagnosis

Girls on the

Autism Spectrum

Want to learn about something else? Let's chat!


Post-Diagnosis Support

Parent Support 

Was your child recently diagnosed?

Or are you looking for a provider that can answer questions that have come up as your child has gotten older?


Post-diagnosis support includes 1 hour intake and 1-2 one hour sessions.​ The sessions will be driven by your

needs post-diagnosis.


We can talk in-depth about autism and what the diagnosis means for your child. We can also talk about therapies, navigating resources, and finding the right providers. 

Wooden Hut

As a sibling of someone with a disability, I offer a unique perspective and understanding. I love helping others understand their own value as a whole person, as well as helping them understand their unique relationship with

their sibling.


Sibling support includes a 1 hour intake with you and 1-2 one hour sessions with your child.​ The sessions will be driven by the sibling's needs and age.


Do you have a child that needs support understanding their sibling's diagnosis?

I offer specialized sibling support.

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