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Consultation & Training

with a specialty in neurodivergence

Specialized & Compassionate Support

I have a deep understanding of individualized intervention, developmental disabilities, and co-occurring conditions. My multiple years of experience include coaching and training clinicians, serving on leadership teams, and developing services and team operations. I enjoy seeing providers and organizations learn and thrive.​

I also enjoy supporting companies thinking about incorporating psychologists. This can include competencies, tips for interviewing and selecting qualified candidates, and training plans ​and performance reviews. I have executive level experience leading and coaching to create change and build high quality services. 


Examples of who I support:

  • BCBAs

  • Speech-language pathologists

  • Occupational therapists

  • Executive leadership teams

  • Medical providers

  • Schools

  • Educational consultants

Some presentations I give:

  • Autism 101

  • Co-occurring conditions

  • Proving medical necessity of services

  • Whole-child case conceptualization

  • Progress monitoring variables

  • Questionnaires used for treatment

  • ​IEPs 101

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