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for ages 1-18 years-old

Short Wait Times

Evaluations Offered

Evaluations Offered




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Autism Reevaluations



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School Admission

All evaluations take a whole-child, strengths-based approach. 

Whether you've been curious about autism for a while or autism is new to you, I can help. I have years of experience diagnosing Autism Spectrum Disorder in children 1 to 18 years-old.

At Basecamp, I provide in-depth testing for Autism Spectrum Disorder. I gather several pieces of information, making sure a diagnosis is accurate and that treatment recommendations are appropriate. 

​Every evaluation includes an "intake interview" with parents, behavior observations, a review of records, direct assessment, and questionnaires. Other things I may do include school observations, talking with a child's therapy providers and teachers, and additional assessment for other concerns.

​For children 6 and older, we can also explore concerns related to ADHD, anxiety, depression, and behavior. I have extensive experience with something called "differential diagnosis". That means together we can explore a variety of areas of development to make sure we are getting the most accurate picture of your child's diagnoses and needs. I especially understand how girls may show signs of autism.

In-person evaluations are available at my Centennial office in Colorado. Rates and FAQ

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Why Basecamp

Why Basecamp

You have a lot of options for psychologists, especially along the front range. How am I different? 


I think every evaluation should highlight a child's strengths. Not only is it important to take a balanced view of strengths and needs, but it also gives us more tools to support a child. 

Every child deserves to be seen as a whole person rather than a set of symptoms or delays. A whole-child approach helps me take a more comprehensive approach. It also ensures I don't miss something that could impact the results.

Whole-Child Approach

My Training

I have extensive education and training in School Psychology, principles of behavior, and comorbid conditions. I've also worked in multidisciplinary teams, coached and trained others, been an advocate, and served in leadership roles. 

I value timely, high quality services. This means I value services without long waits, an efficient evaluation process, and timely results. I make sure to use evidence-based and/or standardized measures and proven evaluation methods. 

Quality & Efficiency

The Process

The Process

autism testing first step

Contact Me

Let's chat! Over the phone, we'll talk about your child's needs and the evaluation process to make sure it's a good fit. We'll also schedule the evaluation appointments, if you're ready.

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The Evaluation

There are 3 main parts to an evaluation: the intake, testing, and the results discussion. The intake is usually 1.5 hours. Testing varies by age, ranging from 2-6 hours. 

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After testing, we'll talk through results and recommendations for about an hour. This may happen the same day as testing or it may happen later. The written report will be sent to you 1-2 weeks after the results discussion. 

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