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Welcome to your basecamp

How I Can Help You

Autism testing assessment

Autism Evaluations

Are you curious about autism?

​I offer Autism Spectrum Disorder
evaluations for children 1 through 16 years-old.

Virtual (telehealth) evaluations are available for children 1-4 years-old.

My evaluations help you gain insight into your child's needs and

give you next steps.

parent support autism

Parent Support

Do you want extra support?

I enjoy partnering with parents like you and being a part of your journey. I specialize in supporting parents of children with autism.

I aim to give you tools and support to thrive through brief, specialized sessions. Like a basecamp you are always welcome to
return for more support. 

         from Dr. Sarah Banks

I started Basecamp Pediatric Psychology because I wanted to give families an impactful experience. You don't have to walk your journey alone. 

At Basecamp Pediatric Psychology, I aim to give you the insight, tools, and support you need no matter where you are in your journey. 

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